Let go and Act by Michael Morway

“Don’t forget your lines” I kept saying to myself! It was the day of our presentations and I was as prepared as could be. For the last two to three weeks of class we had been practicing our lines, blocking and motions but my problem was nerves. When I practiced with my friends, I could perform well without any nervous mess ups but when the time came to perform it in front of the class I could not pull myself together and perform.

It was when I was two people away from going when the butterflies and nerves started kicking in. “Ughhhh why does this have to happen to me every time” I thought to myself. As I was sitting there, watching my fellow classmates perform, I practiced my lines only to realise I forgot a line. So right as the person ended I quickly made my comment about their performance and then looked at my script. “You’re overthinking it Michael” I kept reminding myself but I couldn’t do anything about it. Every time I got in this situation, my blood started rushing, my body started shaking and sweat started dripping…. Haha!

As it was my turn to go, I walked up their nervously, prepared but unprepared at the same time. I gathered my props, table and chair and I started my dialogue;  the problems I had before it was my turn were 50x worse now! I nervously said my first couple lines, forgot to use my prop and didn’t use my correct blocking. I kept thinking it would get better but it only got worse. At the end of my dialogue, I forgot two of my lines creating and awkward silence throughout the whole room. “Finally, I finished and was done with the most miserable and terrifying experience in that class,” I thought to myself.

The next person who had to perform their dialogue was one of my best friends Drew Bosley. The moment before he went up he said to me “screw this, I’m not gonna act nervous because I want an A”. His performance was insane. Drew isn’t a quiet person but I wouldn’t think he’d be as good an actor as I was moments away from seeing. His performance was a part in the movie The Notebook so it included a lot of action. In his performance, he screamed, pushed and punched his dialogue partner. From that moment on, I realised I shouldn’t be scared and have nothing to be nervous about. Everybody else has to perform and transform from their body into their specific characters body so why not have fun and do a really good job at it. There was something about his performance that gave me that realization. So in my next dialogue, I wasn’t nervous, didn’t worry about forgetting my lines. I just went out there, acted as best as I could and had fun with it all thanks to one of my best friends, Drew Bosley!

Written by Michael Morway
Acting 1
Trimester 1, 2016-2017

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