Assistant Director Needed for “The Tempest”

We are looking for one Assistant Director for The Tempest!

The Director’s Assistant is a person who works closely with the director throughout the production process. They are involved starting from the workshops, during rehearsals and through the last show. They must be well organized, flexible, and have a good overview of the production process. The director will determine their responsibilities throughout the production on a day to day basis. Their tasks will include writing all blocking down, creating spreadsheets, creating email list, drafting letters, making phone calls, sweeping the stage, keeping the cast quiet, writing rehearsal reports, coordinating fundraising processes, assisting with duties on and off the stage, being a leader!

The Director’s Assistant will typically act as another set of eyes and ears and as a sounding board for the Director at rehearsals, and performances. When asked, the Director’s Assistant will offer constructive suggestions to the Director regarding all elements of the production from design to performances. It is important to keep in mind that the Director should be the only person communicating these suggestions with the production team including performers. The Assistant Director should restrict comments to the Director in order to avoid confusing or possibly contradictory messages.  They do not talk directly to the actors unless told to do so by the Director.

It is also important to realize that the Director’s Assistant position is one of trust and confidentiality–the Director may share thoughts or concerns that should not be common knowledge. The Director’s Assistant position is an opportunity for students to learn firsthand an individual director’s process and the production process as a whole. The following are some of the duties and responsibilities a Director may require of an Assistant Director.

  • Reads and studies the play; discusses interpretation and production concept with the Director.
  • Assists the Director as needed. Sits in on ALL rehearsals, taking notes and actively watching and listening. Communicates regularly with the Director regarding the progress of the production.
  • Insures that appropriate people and/or organizations are thanked in the program for their contributions to the production.
  • See “Who is Called to Tech Rehearsals” for rehearsal attendance requirements.
  • Makes notes of any details yet to be completed.

If you are interested in being the Director’s Assistant for the spring play “The Tempest” please submit a resume and cover letter stating why you are the person for the job.


Please note, you must be avaliable for all rehearsals which start in February and run from 3-6pm.  

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