Acting 1 by PJ Quale

Written by:  PJ Quale

Truthfully, I came into this class this year not knowing what to expect, I had no prior acting experience, and never really thought I had much interest in it. I ended up having a pretty good time in this class and learning a lot actually, I am very glad I took it. The story from this class I wanted to talk about is the commercial project we did earlier in the trimester. I always thought I could act pretty well, and then when the camera was turned on, facing me, I froze up and seemed to mess up every time. I had the easiest lines every time and somehow, even though it was only in front of my other classmates, I would get beyond nervous. Time after time I messed up, but I didn’t quit or throw a fit, I knew what I was capable of, and I told myself I had to do it. Finally, after what felt like 100 tries, I nailed the line perfectly. From there, I felt so much more confident and I felt more emotion in my acting, which helped me perfect the rest of my lines. After we finished, I reviewed the film and I wasn’t really sure how we were gonna do on it. After amazing editing and great camera work by our team, the final product was phenomenal, I couldn’t have been more pleased. Yes, this story doesn’t have you falling off your seat, but I think it is a good story because my team and I continued trying our best, and the final product proved that hard work can do amazing things. Personally, theatre hasn’t changed a ton for me, but it has for sure changed one thing. I now look at actors and actresses so much different than before, I give them so much more credit. I used to not really think much about acting, but this class has opened my eyes to how tough acting can be, and how amazing of a career it can be. These actors can’t just read lines, they need to be the character, they need to put as much emotion as possible into their scenes. That is a very tough job to do day in and day out and I lift my hat to everyone that tries to become an actor, or who acts already, because it really isn’t an easy task. The play I saw for this class was at Homestead, it was called Fall of Orpheus. I haven’t seen many plays, but I really loved this play. Not only was the acting amazing, but it was so obvious this was practiced very well, and these kids knew what they were doing. The movements were outstanding, they perfected nearly every part of this play. Though I am not a professional when it comes to judging plays, it was for sure one of the best plays I have seen, and I really enjoyed it. I also have interest in some greek myths, following the play I read some more about this myth, and it really is interesting. I thought it was a great idea for a play, and the kids all played their parts perfect. Overall, I loved the play and was very impressed!

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