Comfort Zone

By: Sandro Kulutbanis
2nd Trimester
Acting 2 2017

This trimester I deviated from my comfort zone and partook in acting 2/directing. Having taken acting one last year I believed I had an idea of what the class may entail. To my surprise however, this course differs in many ways from the acting one class criteria. What I took away from this trimester is unlike any experience I’ve had in any other class. Beyond my learnings of the implications involved with directing, I gained new skills that I will possess throughout life.

I could go on and on about what students are asked to do in this course. Yet, I feel it more necessary to share the experiences I gained while being part of “That 70’s Show.” We are all familiar with the American television sitcom, but perhaps not the live performance my group and I presented in front of our peers. To begin, I must give credit to our wonderful director, Bryce Christiansen who served as the brains behind the production. When we begun thinking about roles for the play, no one wanted to step up for the job of being director. After having studied the complexities involved with such a position, no one in our group felt they could handle such a challenge. Bryce eventually agreed to step up and take on such a task and did an exceptional job leading his crew to a successful show. Kudos to you, Bryce.

My favorite part of this class was the fact that how you/your group performed relied on the ethic in which you invested into practice. Unlike many other classes, the development of our work was based upon our willingness to stay focused. When your group has been made and all is accounted for, you’re set free to create your performance however you feel appropriate. Of course Mrs. Figg supervises and provides guidance, but the majority of the play is upon you and your group. From this, I learned the values of leadership and accountability. As you could imagine, keeping a group of high school students focused is no simple task. At first, we struggled to cooperate and stay on track. These habits changed however when we realized the significance of practicing for our performance. While we always had fun, we also took accountability for our actions and the actions of our classmates as we were on a pursuit for a successful show.

I perceived my group in a sense, like a team. We were all on a similar path with the same goal in mind. With having a team, comes the need for teamwork. A quality in which is essential for success in the performance of a play. Having this class 1st hour showcased the habit of Homestead students to be tardy/absent. When you’re in a group play though, attendance is utterly important. When a member of the group showed up late, or didn’t show up at all, they let our team down. Knowing this, it became an objective for all of us to show up everyday on time, ready to go. Experiencing this projected to me what life after high school is like. In adulthood, there are no excuses for being absent. Whether it be in a work setting or other, we are responsible for our actions and how they impact our “teammates.”

There is no other class on the grounds of Homestead High School that allows for the making of friends like acting two does. When spending as much time with your group as you do, you get to meet new people. I enjoyed this experience, as it helped me escape my comfort zone and make friends with others. The diversity of character amongst my group was expansive, and made for fun times. For example, I became friends with a member of my group named Matilda who is a foreign exchange student from Denmark. Getting to know her and conversing with her allowed me to learn new things about her home country. Had it not been for the close bonds our group had created, I would never have been subjected to these new understandings.

In conclusion, my experience in acting two/directing is unparalleled. Beyond the directing strategies conveyed in the course, I gained new values pertinent to life outside of high school. An escape from normal criteria, acting two allowed me to enhance both my creative thinking skills as well as my perception upon group work. All the while, I indulged in fun times with new people and created memories. Memories of which I will always remember, thanks to acting two class.

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