A Changed Perception

Homestead students, you are missing out. Well, the majority of you anyways. We are a school blessed with an extremely talented theatre department, yet our student body neglects the idea of going to watch these performances. I at first was guilty as charged, until I went to the show “Fiddler On The Roof.” My perception of the schools plays changed immensely, as I actually went to experience one instead of continuing the closed mindset that “theatre is not my cup of tea.” Having witnessed a Homestead production first-hand, I challenge my classmates to branch out of their comfort zones and try something new.

4g7a9745We are so accustomed to be apart of the “norms” of extracurricular activity. If you’re not at a football game on friday night in fall, do you even go to Homestead? The stereotypical HHS student can be found repping red and white at any field, court, or rink our athletics may be engaging in. Yet, we turn a blind eye to the idea of experiencing a show performed by the Homestead Theatre. This is not to say that absolutely nobody attends the performances, it just seems to me that many of my classmates cut the idea off without even giving it a try. It’s almost as if modern society has shunned the idea of subjecting one’s self into an artistic environment. I at first would never have envisioned myself enjoying the Homestead play of “Fiddler On The Roof.” Of course it was nothing personal, I had just never experienced theatre and therefore held the preconceived notion that I would not like it. Well, in accordance to to my attendance of the production, I can say I was utterly impressed with what I witnessed.

4G7A7722It’s crazy, kids I have class with behold tremendous talents, and I had no idea. For real though, I was taken by surprise when I encountered the performances of my fellow classmates. Everyone did a fantastic job in their roles and deserve credibility for the shows success. Two notable actor/actress’ that I believe stood out in their showings were Zach Ginkel, and Silma Berrada. I’m no qualified theatre critic, but I can speak fondly on their behalves from what I saw. Ginkel undoubtedly stole the show with his role as Tevye, a Jewish milkman. His ability to sustain a European accent throughout all his lines was magnificent. Also, his comical nature blended well with his role and made for a more entertaining character. Berrada was another actress who also did an exceptional job with her role. Silma brought high energy to her character of Yente, and manipulated her tone effectively to portray the being of her role. Had I not have went to see “Fiddler On The Roof,” I would not have been subjected to the talents of my peers. All that are involved with these plays put a lot of work into them, and for that they deserve to be given a chance by their fellow Homestead students.

4G7A4362Another reason why you should go to watch Homestead plays is to encompass the cultural aspect involved with the productions. “Fiddler On The Roof” is not a story set in Mequon, Wisconsin. Instead, it follows the lives of Jewish and Christian faithed people in the Russian village of Anatevka. Throughout the play, the cast presents many different elements from the lives of these foreigners. It is an interesting way to learn of a diverse culture, while still being entertained by the story line. Also, in this year’s performance Mrs. Figg (Director) incorporated the addition of young refugee girls to the set. This played a powerful role in the story, as it connected real modern day immigrants to the ones in the story. The diverse cultures that are exemplified via Homestead productions are a way for audience members to gain understandings of different walks of life.

So my fellow Homestead students, it’s up to you. Continue to partake in the cliche events of extracurricular activity, but don’t neglect the Homestead Theatre performances. While you may think the performing arts isn’t for you, just give it a try. Our school is gifted with talented actors and actresses that put countless amounts of hours into perfecting the show. What you will gain from attending a Homestead play is a new view of cultural diversity, as well as an intellectual appreciation of literature. Just before you shut down the idea of trying something new, consider it again. Take it from me, I was in your shoes once too.


A changed Homestead student
(Alessandro Kulutbanis)

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