Steve the Pirate: An underdog story

When I was given the chance to pick my classes for Senior Year, I was on the edge as to whether or not I should take Acting 2.  I finally decided to take it with the mentality that I could always drop it for a study hall; however, the class was much more entertaining than I anticipated.  The first day when I walked into the black box, there were only a couple of my friends in the class and I was unsure if it would be any fun.  Overtime, I got to know a lot more people and each class activity became more and more fun.  For our first acting performance, Jack Henrichs and I chose to do a scene from “The Rainmaker”.  I was really resilient to perform it since I had to play a girl, Lizzie.  We eventually did the performance and it went well.  Since that point, I have felt a lot more confident in my acting abilities.  The class then did many other activities that involved blocking and stage directions.  I especially recall the “I saw a star” scene.  Most of the class chose to block this scene yet everyone’s interpretation was very different.  It was not only a really interesting acting activity but a life lesson because everyone is unique in some kind of way although it may not be apparent at first.

The main backbone of Acting 2 is the final play at the end of the trimester.  This is a chance for us to utilize our skills and help create a play.  We shuffled back and forth with what play or movie to choose but we eventually chose “Dodgeball: An Underdog Story”.  I wasn’t present on the day that the class chose, but when I returned from Spring Break, I was very excited.  A class a few years ago chose Dodgeball as well, and it was super funny.  Together as a class, we chose Thomas Miller to be our director and began preparing for auditions.  My number one choice for a role was Steve the Pirate.  One day before we even decided roles yet, we did a read-through of the play, and I was Steve the Pirate.  My pirate accent was pretty bad that day but I didn’t want to play anyone else, so that night I went home and practiced.  The next day, I came to auditions and got the part.  After a couple days of auditions, everyone had a part, and we began to practice.  It is very interesting to see how our acting without a set or any props has transformed to what it is now.  We had a couple problems along the way with Ross, who played White Goodman, hurting his ankle and making the set handicap accessible for Johnny who needed a wheelchair for his character.  We kept practicing and eventually we performed to a huge group of people.  I was expecting like forty kids but there were probably a couple hundred people crammed into the black box.  It was amazing.

Overall, Acting 2 has been a super fun class and has taught me a lot about the different aspects of theater.  Things such as blackouts seem so simple to audience members but can be complex in order to save time and make sure everything is constantly flowing.  I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to stay active during school and is interested in performing or directing a play.


-Antonio Pulito, Homestead High School Senior
Trimester 3 2017

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