Final Reflection: Acting 2 by Thomas Miller


IMG_4285In the beginning of this class I considered myself to be a pretty capable actor.  I felt that my experience from Acting 1 and my natural outgoing personality would carry me through this class pretty easily, but I was wrong.  Through the initial scenes that we did along with the directed scenes that I had to act in and direct I found out that this class was going to need more effort than I thought to match the expectations that were set for us as actors.  So we then began the process of the final play which was quite a long adventure.  We decided on Dodgeball because we already had the script and the set would not be to hard to come up with, but I did not foresee many of the things we would have to overcome as a cast during the production.  

4G7A5594As much as I wanted to improve my acting skills from an actor’s perspective, through the play, I was sort of nominated as the director so I was going to have to take on that challenge instead.  From the beginning I began to understand the true amount of work I was going to have to do as the director and it felt quite overwhelming.  I had to block all of the scenes, set up and work lights, set up and work music and sound effects, decide on set design, cast characters, and a whole host of other small things here and there throughout the play.  These responsibilities seemed out of reach in the beginning but with the help of Ms. Figg, the great cast, and my patience I actually managed to pull them all off.  Not to say we did not face any challenges along the way; Some of which were AP tests causing absences, people being gone for sports, and problems learning the dodgeball scenes.  These problems definitely tested everyone in the cast as the lost practice time and need to improvise stretched and grew my directing ability and the actors abilities to adapt.  In the end, though, the great expectations set for and by our class resulted in some incredible results.  

4G7A5659Not only were both of the performances very good and showed all of our hard work, but also every single person in this class increased their knowledge of directing and greatly developed their abilities to act.  This I feel very proud of because it all happened throughout the play that I directed which I feel is a great testament to how much I improved in that role and managed to really take on all of its duties.  So all in all I would say the final play was a success and taking this class was a success.  In the first week, looking around at my class, I was not very confident that I would thoroughly enjoy this class, and I really just looked at it as my last fine arts credit I needed to graduate.  However, after getting to work everyday with everyone in this class I not only got to know everyone but I really enjoyed myself.  I learned a lot about acting, directing, and problem solving from this class and I’m now very glad that I gave it a chance to be more than just a fine arts credit.

Thomas Miller
Acting 2 – Hr. 1

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