Mr. Wiggles Final Reflection



4G7A56521st hour Acting 2 did Dodgeball as our final performance. The most notable aspect that strikes me about the play is our direction. Our director dealt with lights, blocking, music and all the shenanigans that arose during the practise, and without him, it wouldn’t have gone as smoothly. The lighting was fine, at times the actors look red as a beat. Our blocking is great, except a special couple who ALWAYS have their back to the audience. The music was loud in one scene, but other than that it was smooth. Overall, I’m pleased at how the play turned out as a high school production.

The other part of the production for me was my performance. I played as Pepper in the show, and I ended up in the role since I didn’t have an interest in blocking a scene by myself. I was nervous to obtain a large speaking role though, since my previous performances in the class felt heartless and contrived. Though once I was performing with the rest of the class, I got back in the groove of things and gave a performance. I still think my vocal deliverance was nasally, but nothing can be perfect. I got much better at hitting queues, and my blocking was fine (Even though I just sat towards the audience the whole time). In the end, I’m glad I got to act with the rest of my classmates and have fun. And best of all, I didn’t get in my head too much about performing.

While watching this performance again, I’ve remember the development of the play. I’d say everyone who performed in the play has grown as an actor. We all came a long way from the early performances out of a book earlier this trimester. Though I’ve already praised our director, he deserves even more praise as he was able to handle our class and never walk out or give up. If it had to do with his character or his grade, I still respect it nonetheless. I learned my lines very quickly, faster than I would in most environments. I impressed myself with this, since I usually take a long time for lines to sink into my head. The props, though limited, were mostly used well, and had multiple uses cleverly snuck in by their actors. (Example, a dictionary is used twice in the scene, to 1. Impress the girl and 2. Spell the actor’s name). I wanted more props initially, though I’m fine with simply memorising my lines, instead of having to absorb the blocking with props. Costumes went smoothly for most too. Anybody on the teams may have a different story with money troubles, sizing and all that stuff, but everybody else (Including myself) had a simple time fitting their character.

In the end, I’m glad with the performances and the behavior of my classmates, teacher & director. You guys are awesome and always make class entertaining and a highlight of my day. I didn’t contribute much, but you all did so much for me I thank all of y’all. Dodgeball was a blast to make and I’ll remember it forever.

Mr. Wiggles
1st Hour Acting
Miss Figg

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