2017-2018 Theatre Season: Be True to Yourself

2017-2018 Season Postcard

The Homestead High School Theatre Department invites you to our 2017-2018 theatre season, “Be True to Yourself.”  Each of our plays holds the inspiring theme of staying true to who you are no matter what obstacles might come to pass.  We start our adventure in France with The Three Musketeers who fight for their friends and justice above all.  Next, we travel to England during World War I where a young girl wants to bring hope to her family and friends by photographing fairies.   The Light Burns Blue is our One Act about the Cottingley fairies and the girls who photographed them.  Our musical travels to the land of Duloc in Shrek: The Musical with tap dancing rats, a talking donkey and fairytale creatures who learn to let their freak flag fly.  Finally, our season finishes with Blue Stockings, a tale of women fighting for the right to graduate from Oxford in 1890’s England.

We hope you will join us for an inspiring season of wit, valor, and above all else finding who you are.

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