New Musical Audition Format

As with everything, things change.  This year Ms. Figg-Franzoi and Ms. Houge are reformatting the musical audition process.  Instead of Lead and Ensemble auditions, we will audition all at once over the course of two days.

In the past we only heard people sing and saw them dance for auditions, it wasn’t until callbacks that we saw them act.  A musical is in the theatre category, so we felt the need to see all three of the triple threats used in a musical before callbacks. Everyone has their strengths: singing, dancing, acting… you need to have at least two of three needed to be in a show, but with our old audition process, we never saw the amazing acting you could do.  With this change, we will see everyone do everything before callbacks.

Shrek The MusicalCadillac Palace Theatre
Shrek The Musical Cadillac Palace Theatre

For Shrek: The Musical we will have two different auditions, singing and dancing on November 15th and Acting on the 16th.  You must attend both days to be considered for the musical.  We will have a sign-up sheet outside the Black Box for the November 15th day.  Don’t worry, we will break this down for you…

November 15th: Sing/Dance
Sign-up for a time slot between 3-7:30pm
(You must attend Nov 16th)

November 15th: Prepared Scene Work
(You must have attended Nov 15th)

On November 5th from 1-4pm in the Choir Room Ms Houge and Ms. Figg-Franzoi will host a Musical Workshop where we will give you the music and scenes we want you to PREPARE and teach you the dance… there might be two if there is time… (tap dance and Jazz/hip-hop dance).

Before November 15th you will sign-up outside the Black Box Theatre for an Audition time on the 15th of November.  We will have time slots of 30mins where we will see 8 people sing and dance for us. Auditions!  Then you will leave.  Easy-peasy right?

On November 16th everyone who auditioned on the 15th will come back and Ms. Houge and Ms. Figg-Franzoi will see the scenes/monologues you have prepared for us.  If you are doing a scene and don’t have a partner, don’t worry, someone would love to jump up and act more. This audition is from 3-7:30pm or earlier if we finish seeing everyone once.

Then Thanksgiving happens…

Callbacks will be Monday November 27th from 3-7pm.  Rehearsals start that following Monday!

Break Legs Guys!!

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