2019 Spring Break Theatre/Choir Trip

new-york-city-bridge-CroppedMs. Houge and I are excited to announce that Choir and Theatre finally have a 2019 tour scheduled.  If you are a Choir student, you know all the details, but we are ready to invite the theatre students on this special trip.
During next years Spring break, Choir and Theatre students have the opportunity to travel to NYC with us.  The school board approved the Bob Rogers Travel trip for April 13-18, 2019.

April 13-18, 2019.

Here is the 2019 NYC Tour suggested itinerary, this will change depending on what shows we want to see.
You will see all the big items in NYC, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Central Park, the MET, Times Square, Broadway Shows, tour the Rockefeller Center and more.  We will also participate in a Broadway Movement and Music Workshop and perform at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and in Fountain Plaza in Washington Square Park.

The first payment due date is coming up fast, Friday, May 25th. We’d need $250 as a deposit.  The total cost all depends on how many students come on the trip, we are hoping for around 80 students which would make the total cost between $1,100 and $1,300.

The first Check should be made payable to the HCPA
(Homestead Choir Parent Association) 

I hope you will join us for this amazingly fun trip!

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