About HHS Theatre

Mission Statement

The mission of the Homestead High School theatre department is three fold:  first this theatre environment is a place to learn and grow into successful confident adults.  Theatre, throughout history, is the place where everyone is accepted; this is the same in this theatre department.  The process of putting on a play or student show has the main question of, ”what are we learning?”  It is not the end product that determines if a play is successful, but if the process of getting to the end was educational, enjoyable and productive…that is what determines success in theatre.

Second the theatre staff wants to expose students to many types of theatre so they can grow into well-rounded individuals.  Also through this exposure of theatre the students will be able to make connections to other classes they have throughout the day.

Third and finally, the department is committed to putting on productions that showcase many talented people, providing every actor the opportunity to step into a role that will challenge them and make them grow as a person who in the end is more aware of themselves and others.

To reach this goal, the theatre department welcomes many artists with different backgrounds and experience levels to become a part of the process and offer theatre experiences in many genres throughout history.  Thank you.

Opening Night Magic

There is this magic that happens on every opening night of a show and it’s something that can’t happen ever again in the run of the show.  It’s a tangible mood and energy that bounces from performer to audience to crew and back again in a pinball effect.  I always forget about this energy, this building of magic that bursts the seams open and spills forth in the small things: smiles, laughter, high-fives, thumbs-up and hugs.  It’s the one time when actor and crew meld and become one, everyone is best friends even if they don’t know each other’s names.  This is what I live for and what I always experience on opening night.

One thought on “About HHS Theatre

  1. I was the drama teacher, director of the theatre and thespian director from 1970-1974. I am still proud of all the “headway” we made back them. Enjoy you performances. “Break a leg.” 🎭
    Lynn C Sherkow Silverstein Weber

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