Drama Club

Do you enjoy theatre?  Acting, costumes, make-up or working with tools?  Come join Drama Club.

It’s an after school club run by students, for students that works in tandem with the Theatre Education Department.  This past year we have had fun activities such as scavenger hunts, parties to raise money for trips and more.  In the past, we have travelled down to Chicago for a day to see a Broadway in Chicago show.  We also plan events such as “Beatles Night” with music and food, trips to see local productions, and workshops where professionals come in to talk about the life of Theatre.

Students involved in Drama Club can also audition for the after- school plays.  We have a Fall and Spring play and a Winter musical which is put on by the whole Fine Arts Department.

Drama Club is the student run after school club that supports the Drama Productions here at Homestead High School by allowing students the opportunity to be involved in…


During practice for the shows, Costume crew meets Mondays and Wednesday’s after school to create and find the costumes for the play at that time.  Normally 3-5 on these days you can learn how to sew and be a “Run crew” dresser or help make the costumes!  Learn how to measure an actor, use a sewing machine and have lots of fun.


This crew meets the week before the show opens and creates the make-up looks for each actor in the play.  Learn how to make a character look older or young, make bloody gashes or an interesting fantasy design.  Using Ben Nye make-up you design the looks, learn to mix colors and help actors before the show.


A nice way to see the show for free!  Sell tickets and hand out programs before the show, help people find seats and enjoy watching the show.


Play on the technical side of theatre, learn how to build the set, paint, hang lights, and have fun every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6-9 and Saturday from 1-4.


The Drama Club Constitution


This constitution will outline the purposes, goals, and regulations for Drama Club. It will also describe the responsibilities of the officers.

Article I: Name
The name of this organization shall be Drama Club, hereafter referred to as the Organization.

Article II: Purpose
The purpose of this Organization shall be to provide opportunities to be involved in theatre for anyone who possess a desire. We emphasize the importance of learning from each other and sharing our passion for all positions of theatre. We encourage members to learn and expand their knowledge of theatre through participation in a variety of theatre-related activities such as performances, classes, and attending professional productions. Our goal is to provide an outlet for thespians to explore their creativity and talent regardless of experience.

Article III: Membership
Section 1:         Regular membership shall be open to any Homestead High School student who is interested in theatre.

Section 3:          Non-discrimination Clause. Consistent with all applicable federal and state laws and school policies, this organization and its subordinate bodies and officers shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, sexual orientation, religion, sex, national origin, or disability in its selection of members, educational programs, or activities.

Article IV: Officers

Section 1:          Officers of the organization shall be as follows: Two Co-Presidents, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Advertising Liaison and a Public Relations Coordinator.

Section 2:          Officers may possibly serve up to four years on the executive board. Election occurs in the spring of each year. Presidents are selected by the previous executive board, all others are selected by the members of Drama Club. Those interested in an officer position must apply. The executive board reviews all applicants for a position and uses a set of criteria to decide whom to appoint to the office.

Section 3:          Officers shall take office in the fall of each school year. Each term lasts one year.

Section 4:          Officers shall not be on academic probation at the time of their elections and throughout their terms of office.

Section 5:          Duties of Officers.

  1. The Co-Presidents are responsible for conducting the organization’s business. They should oversee all other positions. They are responsible for initiating and guiding all procedures of the executive board by creating a specific agenda for each meeting. They will appoint members to specific duties. All decisions must be approved by the Co-Presidents.
  2. The Vice-President is responsible for organizing the PATs with the Presidents. He or she is the main liaisons between the Theatre and the organization.
  3. Secretary is responsible for keeping records of all members. All paperwork regarding the members is in the possession of the secretary. He or she will be responsible for taking attendance, sending e-mails, and updating the lists of participants.
  4. Treasurer is in charge of monitoring the money, setting up fundraisers, and T-shirt sales.
  5. Advertising Liaison is responsible for creating all Video and radio announcements.
  6. Public Relations Coordinator is the officer responsible for is persuading the public to join Drama Club and come to the shows. He or she is also responsible for advertising and T-shirt sales. He or she also required to write press releases for shows and posts for the Blog.

Article V: Removal of Officers

Section 1:          Officers failing to fulfill the given responsibilities and duties may be removed by the regular members of the organization.

Section 2:          The removal of an officer requires a 2/3 vote of a quorum following the notification of the officer in question. Such notification shall be provided in writing no less than seven working days prior to the vote.

Article VI: Replacement of Officers

Section 1:          In the case where both presidents are unable to be present to fulfill their duties, the vice-president will immediately fill the position.

Section 2:          All other executive board positions found to be vacant shall be appointed by the executive board. Someone interested in being appointed must apply for the position.

Article VII: Meetings

Section 1:          A regularly scheduled general meeting shall be held once a month. The officers may call additional meetings when the need arises.

Section 2:          A quorum shall consist of 50% the regular members.

Section 3:          A quorum shall be present in order for any official business to be conducted. Official business shall include elections of officers, setting of dues and any other major decisions affecting the organization.

[Article VIII: Committees]

Section 1:          The officers of the organization shall have the authority to create any committees, standing or special, that will further the purpose of the organization.

Article X: Amendments

Section 1:          All amendments to this constitution require notice of one week prior to being discussed and voted upon.

Section 2:          All amendments require a 2/3 vote of a quorum for adoption.




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