Acting one

Acting 1 is an introduction to the art of dramatic and comedic acting. Learning activities will include script study, playing scenes, and character analysis. Students will identify and come to understand tools required to conceive of and portray a role, study theatre as an artistic discipline, and develop and apply creative imagination and expression.

Acting two

Acting is an in-depth study and portrayal of characters from both period and modern drama. Hands on directorial projects (including: choosing a play, casting, blocking and rehearsals) and emphasis on full production work constitute the learning activities for this course.

Tech Theatre

This course introduces the art and science of TECHNICAL aspects of theatre production. Units include: stagecraft — stage terminology, set construction and decorating; lighting and sound; makeup and costuming. Academic study and hands-on learning activities provide students with the opportunity to contribute to the Spring production. Script study and evaluation of plays will add to the overall theatrical experience.

Acting Seminar-

This course is open to advanced theatre students who wish to explore production elements not covered in beginning acting or technical classes. Students in this class will be able to study such units as: children’s theatre period style performance (Shakespeare), multi-cultural theatre (kabuki) clowning, stage combat, creative movement, reader’s theatre, or advanced lighting or set design.  Opportunities for performing for small audiences will also be included. This class is open to students who have taken Acting 1 or 2 and/or technical theatre. Since this is a seminar class, students will have some input into the areas of theatre they wish to explore.

One Act- (1st Trimester only)

The goal of this course is to select, design, mount and perform one or more plays using both actors and technicians. This class will emphasize production work on a thirty-five minute play that will be entered into the Wisconsin High School Play Festival.

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