Good Artist Tips

There’s always gonna be someone better than you. Try to work less on comparing yourself to their work and instead learning from them and turning envy into a personal challenge for your own stuff. I know its hard, trust me. The best way to get better at art is to practice. There is no special trick to … More Good Artist Tips

HHS’s does “Beauty and the Beast”

High School musicals are expected to be efficient, cute and fun. But the production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast that takes over the James Barr auditorium is as lavish as anything you’ll see in Milwaukee. The production fills the James Barr Auditorium from top to bottom and end to end, thanks to beautifully painted backdrops and a … More HHS’s does “Beauty and the Beast”

25 Things All kids in a Musical Ensemble know to be true

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just this is your first musical, these things apply to you. Sight reading, dancing, endless hours of rehearsing, unbreakable bonds with the other people in your ensemble… Such is the life of a musical theatre kid. 1. Sight reading is literally the most stressful thing in the world. Do, re, … More 25 Things All kids in a Musical Ensemble know to be true

Inside Jokes

When rehearsal ends up being fun and a bunch of people skipped so now they don’t get to be in on the good inside jokes (ie, why was the director beat boxing? I guess you’ll never know)