Oh the Whimsy of it!

Written By: Sydneye Olkowski (2014) It has been a whimsical, exciting journey from the first read-through of Homestead High School Drama Club’s winter musical, “Brigadoon“, all the way back in December of 2012 to the first pit and cast rehearsal this past Sunday. With many new, especially underclassmen, to the musical stage, it has been … More Oh the Whimsy of it!

Brigadoon Musings

Written By Allison Rowe (HHS 2016) A dancer since the age of five, I have always thought of the stage as my home. But through my participation in the musical, Brigadoon, I have discovered a new love of the stage – in singing and especially in acting. Now, I want to take as many acting … More Brigadoon Musings

School Board Cuts

It is time.  I have kept this to myself (minus the few people I told, my parents, friends, etc), but now since the school board has mentioned it publicly I can speak. In December I was informed that the School Board has added the Theatre curriculum to the list of things they want to cut.  … More School Board Cuts

One Month Away

By Halee Newby (2014) It’s hard to believe that in exactly a month from today, the actors will be taking the stage. Brigadoon has really evolved and I could not be more excited about it! To be perfectly honest, I was a little nervous about it, as I am with every play or musical we … More One Month Away

Life Skills

This is an interesting musical process, our Stage Crew and Tech Theatre classes are building sets for Brigadoon.  Stage crew has the harder job of making a house stand on stage without falling, but Tech Theatre also had a challenge. The Tech Theatre class took two weeks to build and paint the bridge used in … More Life Skills