Spring Play 2015

We are going to try something new next spring! Well… two things actually….A Children’s Show for the spring play! and…. We are also going to utilize the Theatre Production Seminar class as the actors for the spring show. This is an experiment for next year, but we are very excited to try this. What this … More Spring Play 2015


Attention all Drama Club Seniors! We are aiming to make a senior video to view at the PATS! In order to do so, we need some information form the stars of the video, all CURRENT seniors. Please message Alex Gieske on facebook with the following info: Which shows have you participated in during your high … More Seniors

Everyone involved with Homestead’s Drama Club in any way, shape, or form throughout the 2013-2014 school year is cordially invited to the 3rd annual PATS Awards Banquet. The theme this year is NEVERLAND, so come in a costume or dress fancy/Black Tie attire. Come for a fancy evening and share a scrumptious dinner, witness the … More

Musing from Mom

Amelia Figg-Franzoi here, Ms. Figg-Franzoi to most of you reading this, but I know you refer to me by my first name behind my back.  Yes, I’m on to you all.  Anyway, I shall be posting as myself tonight, not as some theatrical entity or on behalf of Katie Bandurski when I force her to … More Musing from Mom

Romeo and Juliet

It’s here!  The full version of our “Romeo and Juliet” filmed by our amazing English teacher, Mr. Bauer!  Thank him for this amazing filming of our Opening night performance!

Never was there a story of more woe…

By: Katie Bandurski “Hold please!” Ms. Amelia Figg-Franzoi, director, firmly states over the clamor of clashing swords and whirring lights. “Thank you!” a chorus of 18 high school students replies, momentarily ceasing their well-choreographed brawl. Ms. Figg-Franzoi voices a change into her headset, waits for the lights to dim once more and calls out “let’s … More Never was there a story of more woe…