Theatre Apparel!

It’s official!!  Finally!!  Theatre Apparel is back!! This year we are offering two shirts!  We are bringing back the white sweatshirt and offering a new denim button up. Both will be $20 to purchase.  Below is the order form.  You can also pick one up outside the Black Box. White Sweatshirt Apparel


On a barren Scottish heath, three witches await the coming of Macbeth and Banquo, Scottish generals on their way home after a victorious battle. At the same time, on a battlefield not far away, a wounded soldier tells Duncan, king of Scotland, of Macbeth’s great courage in battle, then the thane of Ross arrives to … More SYNOPSIS: MACBETH

Under the sea with ‘The Little Mermaid’

Originally posted on Highlander Online Written by: Sasha Shapsis, Assistant Editor|February 10, 2019 The Homestead Drama Club took the audience for a swim in their show of The Little Mermaid in the James Barr Auditorium on Feb. 7-10, 2019. The show focused on the story of Ariel, the youngest mermaid of her seven sisters. While her … More Under the sea with ‘The Little Mermaid’