Stumble Through

Yesterday the cast ran all of Act One for the first time. And by ran it I mean stumbled through it. There are songs and dances we all know by heart and then there are those songs that we did once and forgot everything about it. But for it being so incongruous, the cast got … More Stumble Through

Pit Orchestra

The pit orchestra, comprised of the top players at HHS, has started with a bang.  This happy group has been sight reading with Ms. Winnie for the past two weeks.  They have begun the transformation into the legendary pit orchestra that HHS knows and loves.

Theo’s Corner

This week, the cast of Pippin, met Zack Duckler, a 3rd grader at Donges Bay Elementary School who is joining the high school students in this production of Pippin.  He will be playing Theo, the son of Catherine (played by MacKenzie Melan). His first rehearsal was fabulous, working well with MacKenzie and Andrew in the … More Theo’s Corner

2 tons

It was a momentous night, last night.  After two months of building, painting, rigging and frustration, the stage crew moved the larger than life set out into place.  Reminiscent of the Laugh In set, this 2-ton structure creates a portal looking spyglass into the world of Pippin. As I dismissed the cast from rehearsal, three … More 2 tons

Supporting Roles

Jack: Well, what’s the assistant director do, like? Doreen: He assists the director. Jack: What does the director do, then? Barbara: Shut up, Jack. What does the assistant do? Is he a vital team member, a silent observer, or just one person who knows how the director takes her coffee? Well, there are many levels … More Supporting Roles