You have to Practice

Movies, plays, musical, theatre in general. You see theatre everywhere you go! Whether you’re walking through the oblique halls of Homestead with that gloomed out frown that is being worn  by every persona and seeing a poster like “Come to Peter Pan on January…!”, or driving through downtown Milwaukee and seeing the city lights, and … More You have to Practice

Why Being in the Ensemble Won’t Ruin Your Life

By: Emma Zander (2016) If you’ve ever been in any play, you’ve probably heard,¨There are no small parts, just small actors,¨ and chances are you rolled your eyes or maybe you took it to heart. Bottom line, there are small parts. The reality is some parts are larger- they have more lines, singing, acting, dancing, … More Why Being in the Ensemble Won’t Ruin Your Life

The Comfort Zone

Acting is not my specialty, but I took it to see if I was up for the challenge. I wanted to see if I was able to go out of my comfort zone. As a senior, and being familiar with Homestead for four years made it a lot easier to feel comfortable standing on stage … More The Comfort Zone

My Dialogue

Out of all the performances we had to do Acting 1, the dialogue was by far my favorite. I teamed up with Emma Rachum and together we did the dialogue, “Can I have Your Number?” I will tell you one thing, there were many laughs throughout this process. For our second performance, you and a … More My Dialogue