She Kills Monsters

Too often, the narrative in stories about geek culture focuses on dudes. It fits with the stereotype of what a geek is — some guy in his teens or twenties, covered in residual dust from the powdery snack du jour, slurping down some unnaturally-colored, nauseatingly sweet, caffeinated beverage, while obsessing over a reality far removed … More She Kills Monsters

Geekery at it’s Finest!

You wouldn’t believe that a show set in Athens, Ohio could so penetrate the imagination, but Qui Nguyen‘s She Kills Monsters— has you believing that you’re in playing Dungeons & Dragons with your friends. A three-dimensional version of D&D, complete with hot elves, dance battles, and a a five headed dragon. “Average Agnes,” an uptight English teacher (Sarah Verespej), … More Geekery at it’s Finest!