The Bravest Jada

“If someone was going to make a movie about my life it would be about a teenage girl who’s extremely quiet. She’s a fashionista that wears clothing she makes herself.  She’s always alone, but she tries to do the most bravest things in life besides theatre.  She always tries to join and do things that … More The Bravest Jada

The Three Musketeers Callbacks Vol. 1

The Three Musketeers Callbacks Vol 1. More Names will be added after tonight’s audition For callbacks we will perform scenes from the full play.  You can find the script and other goodies in this folder: The Musketeers: Silma B. Jack C Megan S Sam M Lizzie W. Bella C. Cardinals Guards: Megan S Lizzie … More The Three Musketeers Callbacks Vol. 1