Pre-casting…. A terrible word for any actor, it means you don’t have a shot at the role you want.  I’ve endured a couple auditions where I found out afterward that it was a pre-cast situation and that I wasted two whole days on pointless auditions.  I hate when directors pre-cast.  But do you know what … More Pre-Casting

Acting 2

After two weeks of arguing and throwing out random script ideas, the Acting 2 class has finally chosen a script.  It went from Star Wars to Friends to Mean Girls. But yesterday, they finally chose Modern Family. It’s a perfect script for this group.  At the moment they are reading through the script and trying … More Acting 2

Tech Theatre

It has been awhile, we have been so busy with all the projects we’ve been up to, there has been no time to write! Today I want to brag about my Tech Theatre class.  In the past my Tech Theatre classes and filled with student just wanting to fulfill their fine arts requirement and easily … More Tech Theatre