Q: Why was the musician arrested? A: They were in treble

As the orchestra walks out into the auditorium, the audience breaks into a soft applause.  The musicians take their seats and warm up.  After several minutes, the conductor walks into the hall and takes the podium.  Both the orchestra and the audience quiet to a mere hush.  With a quick flick of the conductor’s baton, … More Q: Why was the musician arrested? A: They were in treble


“It’s the greatest thing to hit opera since the long-playing record. The Wall Street Journal, July 6, 1984. “The Canadians have created something that makes opera understandable and accessible to many who love the music but can’t understand the words. It’s called SURTITLES.” The New York Times, September 23, 1983. Supertitles or Surtitles are dialogue … More Supertitles!

All Hail the Stage Management!

“Places, please. Places, please for the top of Act One.” Every theatre performance starts the same way- the script secretary calling the actors to the stage. Like a ship without a rudder, no production can function without stage management. The Homestead Theatre Department is very fortunate to have one of the best in the business, Lonnae Hickman. Armed with nothing … More All Hail the Stage Management!

Musicals soar

“Plays are such heavy lifting. Act one, scene one tends to be a lot of exposition and trying to get people on board, but in a musical, you sort of step out on this magic carpet, the overture strikes up, and bears you aloft. It’s intoxicating.” — Jefferson Mays, on plays v. musicals