World Theatre Day Message 2017 by Isabelle Huppert

The message author of 2017 is Isabelle Huppert, the theatre and cinema actress from France. So, here we are once more. Gathered again in Spring, 55 years since our inaugural meeting, to celebrate World Theatre Day. Just one day, 24 hours, is dedicated to celebrating theatre around the world. And here we are in Paris, … More World Theatre Day Message 2017 by Isabelle Huppert

Home is Where the Heart Is by: Sarah Verespej

Written by: Sarah Verespej Stray sawdust, specks of glitter, a jungle of curtains, lights and pulleys tangled above, a familiar G major chord mingling with the ceaseless creativity accumulating in the Black Box down the hall, and surrounded by it all, in the center of the stage, is me. Since my first 14-year-old-freshman footstep crossed … More Home is Where the Heart Is by: Sarah Verespej

A Changed Perception

Homestead students, you are missing out. Well, the majority of you anyways. We are a school blessed with an extremely talented theatre department, yet our student body neglects the idea of going to watch these performances. I at first was guilty as charged, until I went to the show “Fiddler On The Roof.” My perception … More A Changed Perception

Comfort Zone

By: Sandro Kulutbanis 2nd Trimester Acting 2 2017 This trimester I deviated from my comfort zone and partook in acting 2/directing. Having taken acting one last year I believed I had an idea of what the class may entail. To my surprise however, this course differs in many ways from the acting one class criteria. What … More Comfort Zone