Letter to a Friend

To my Dearest Theatre,

I met you so long ago on a detour through my friendship with dance, and I must say that it’s been a wonderful friendship.  We have laughed a lot through the years, I mean remember when you made me dress up as Daddy Warbucks in a bald cap and everything?  Or Tevya in that scratchy beard?  One Act senior year was especially funny.  Let us not forget about all the times you made me cry… during the musical Bloodbrothers, All my Sons, anytime I had to leave a wonderful, magical place filled with you all around me.  And last, but not least, Theatre, the times you made me angry and sad… all those “no’s” at auditions, rejections at casting calls, frustrations when set pieces don’t work or when I broke a light.  You made me feel worthless and unwanted time and time again, stressed me out with no end in sight and basically drove me insane.  But through it all, there you stand smiling lightly, reassuring me all will work out, that, this too shall come to pass.

Why do I keep coming back to you?

Honestly?  I don’t really know.

Do you remember when I tied to break-up with you my senior year of High School?  I was done. After the spring play, I was going to let you go, never be with you again.  I was ready for this, to move on and do something…anything else with my life.

Then registration happened at Marquette and I saw the sea of freshmen walking towards the “Undecided” major area.  I panicked and gravitated back to you.  I remember I kept telling myself I’d only go back to you, Theatre, for the first semester, and then I’d figure out what I really wanted to do.

A year rolled by, two years , three – four and I still hadn’t left..  I don’t know who clung to who, you or me.   But here I stand, twenty years after first meeting you and smile.  Yes I’m stressed, Yes I’m doing too much, Yes I want to quit on a regular basis or choke a couple of my actors/crew members…. But there is this invisible string, this energy that keeps you close to me, that allows me to forget the bad times and only remember the good.  You are an enigma, You are a warm feeling at the end of a long day.  Without you, no stories would be told, without you so many people would be lost in the world.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say, Theatre, is… Thank you.  Thank you for staying with me all these years, thank you for knowing when I needed my space and let me be, but thank you for always coming back into my life at the end of the day.

With the dearest love,


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