“Fall of Orpheus” is State Bound

The One Act Class is going to STATE! Join us for our public performance of Fall of Orpheus, an original play written and created by the students in the One Act class.


Fall of Orpheus is a retelling of the classical greek myth about Orpheus and Eurydice. Orpheus and Eurydice are a newly married couple when Eurydice is killed and sent to the Underworld. Orpheus refuses to accept his wife is dead, so he charges into the Underworld to save her. Meanwhile Eurydice refuses to stay dead and be away from her husband, so she tries to escape the Underworld. Will they find each other? Will Hades let them leave the Underworld? Join us for a timeless tale about love and trust.

Over the past three years the students at Homestead High School have learned about physical theatre and felt the logical next step in the process was to create a One Act piece with their director, utilizing the dance, acting, and aerial dance techniques they have been taught over their high school careers.  The Fall of Orpheus combines all the elements of dance, physicality, and acting together to create a beautifully visual piece. Even though the myth is set in ancient Greece, the version we wrote gives a timeless presentation for our younger audiences and gives background information on ancient Greek figures.
Saturday November 12th at 7pm in the James Barr PAC at Homestead High School.

It’s free and we have a reception after the show.

Cast (In Order of Appearance)
Atropos (a Fate): Emma Zander
Clotho (a Fate): Lauren Burghardt
Lachesis (a Fate): Lily Higgins
Eurydice: Sophia Nelson
Orpheus: Zach Ginkel
Aristaeus: Luke Grohmann
Apollo: John Sellars
Thanatos: Rachel Lentz
Aphrodite: Sarah Verespej
Persephone: Jessie Schoessow
Hades: Phillip Zuccaro
Tisiphone (a Fury): Mary Wilkerson
Megaera (a Fury): Riley Truttmann
Alecto (a Fury): Sarah Verespej
Charon: Joe Knuth
Hecate: Renee Schwarz
Ensemble: Jessie Schoessow, Joe Knuth, John Sellars, Luke Grohmann, Mary Wilkerson, Phillip Zuccaro, Rachel Lentz, Renee Schwarz, Riley Truttmann, Sarah Verespej

Stage Manager: Andrea Griffin
Set Construction Crew: Andrea Griffin, Christian Loukopoulos, Jackson Buraczewski, Lonnae Hickman, Nicole Platz, TJ O’Connor
Lighting Designers: Christian Loukopoulos, TJ O’Connor
Run Crew/Stagehands: Andrea Griffin, Jackson Buraczewski, Lonnae Hickman
Costume Designer: Jackson Buraczewski
Prop Designer: Lonnae Hickman
Sound Designer: Nicole Platz
Composer: Phillip Zuccaro
Make-up Crew: Emma Zander
Hair/Wigs Crew: Lauren Burghardt

Director: Amelia Figg-Franzoi
Tech Director: Wayne Peters

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