Fall Play Workshops!

WORKSHOPS Aug. 23 – 27, 3-6pm AUDITIONS Sept 3rd, 3-6pm FIRST REHEARSAL Sept 9th, 3-6pm Attendance at workshops is not mandatory, but will give students an excellent understanding of how to read and act Shakespeare’s words. PLEASE PREPARE A 30-SECOND TO ONE-MINUTE MONOLOGUE FOR YOUR AUDITION. CHOOSE YOUR OWN OR ONE FROM PAGES 4 & … More Fall Play Workshops!

Seminar Productions

Written by Josh Kloss (21′) As most of the school begins to slow down in preparation for the final days of the school year, the fine arts wing is anything but stagnant. In particular, my peers and I are all hard at work readying our shows for public performances this coming Monday and Tuesday. Being … More Seminar Productions

When does your Audition really begin?

I teach high school theatre, so my actors are constantly auditioning, they walk in freshmen year and don’t stop auditioning until they graduate.  I’ve had Milwaukee based directors ask about my graduated seniors and I’m honest about how well they work with others.  You are not only constantly auditioning in High School, but in the … More When does your Audition really begin?


POSTED ONMARCH 2, 2014BY CONTRIBUTED BY: MICHAEL KISSINGER The Lafayette Players were a dramatic stock company composed entirely of African American actors.  Originally from Harlem, this first of its kind group introduced audiences to the idea that black actors were capable of taking on a variety of roles and displaying a much greater range than previously considered possible. … More THE LAFAYETTE PLAYERS (1915-1932)


POSTED ONJANUARY 23, 2008 BY CONTRIBUTED BY: ANTHONY DUANE HILL The Anita Bush Players, also known as the Anita Bush All-Colored Dramatic Stock Company was organized by Actor Anita Bush in New York City in 1915. An actor, dancer, and producer, Anita Bush turned to drama after a back injury ended her dancing career in musical theatre … More ANITA BUSH PLAYERS

The 19th-Century African-American Actor Who Conquered Europe

And why you might never have heard of Ira Aldridge. BY NATASHA FROST AUGUST 7, 2017   In 1824, a young, black New Yorker named Ira Aldridge set sail for England. Within 10 years, he was performing Shakespeare in London’s Covent Garden. By the time 20 more had passed, he had performed for royalty across Europe, made audiences laugh … More The 19th-Century African-American Actor Who Conquered Europe