HHS’s does “Beauty and the Beast”

High School musicals are expected to be efficient, cute and fun. But the production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast that takes over the James Barr auditorium is as lavish as anything you’ll see in Milwaukee. The production fills the James Barr Auditorium from top to bottom and end to end, thanks to beautifully painted backdrops and a … More HHS’s does “Beauty and the Beast”

“Eurydice” Rehearsal’s in the Black Box

Through the words of playwright Sarah Ruhl and the talents of students, the myth of Orpheus will come to life in a contemporary stage production of Eurydice. Poignant, evocative and simple, Eurydice captures the beauty of a timeless love story while intertwining themes of remembrance and redemption. Shows run Aug. 15 and 16 at 7:30 … More “Eurydice” Rehearsal’s in the Black Box