Homestead High School Tommy Award Nominations

Named for local Broadway star Tom Wopat, the Tommy Awards encourage, recognize, and honor excellence in high school musical theater. Educators, industry professionals, and theater experts review productions at more than 60 high schools, provide valuable feedback and advice, and honor schools and individuals’ achievements with category-based awards. Schools and individuals receive awards at a … More Homestead High School Tommy Award Nominations

Our Maestra!!

She’s standing on a podium, with an enameled wand cocked between her fingers and sweat dampening the small of her back. Ranks of young musicians eye her skeptically.  She’s raises her arm in the oppressive silence and lets it drop. Miraculously, Sullivan’s overture to The Mikado explodes in front of her, recognizable and violently thrilling, and the one that made this music possible … More Our Maestra!!

The Mikado Synopsis

What’s a teenager to do when his parent insists he marry an older woman? (Particularly if she looks like a cross between Cruella Deville and Maleficent.) Add to this that his parent’s word is law because their the Ruler of the land,  and also into heavy discipline. For example, the Ruler of the Land has passed some pretty stiff laws to … More The Mikado Synopsis