The Great Playwrights Ranked By Cause of Death

18. Tennessee Williams – Tried to open eye drop bottle with teeth, choked on cap. 17. Joe Orton – Bludgeoned to death by partner during domestic dispute. 16. Jean-Paul Sartre – Infected papercut. 15. Arthur Miller – Frowned for too long, too deep. 14. Noël Coward – Appeared in public without an ascot. 13. Samuel Beckett … More The Great Playwrights Ranked By Cause of Death

Writing for Theatre

Writing for theatre is a whole different game to writing for any other medium. Maybe it sounds like the most obvious statement ever, but I think what it really means is only just starting to hit me. Recently I have been reading the Frantic Assembly Book of Devising Theatre – a great read for any … More Writing for Theatre