Stumble Through

Yesterday the cast ran all of Act One for the first time. And by ran it I mean stumbled through it. There are songs and dances we all know by heart and then there are those songs that we did once and forgot everything about it. But for it being so incongruous, the cast got through the first act in an hour and 40 mins. That’s light speed for a first time.

Just think how we can tighten up the transitions and lines. Granted, ‘With you’ and ‘Glory’ still need to be finished, but both are almost done. And with Andrew Minkin’s voice, we could just forget the choreography and just listen to him. ‘Corner of the Sky’ was fabulous; he has made the song his own. Bethany Zamora did the same with ‘Spread a little sunshine,’ adding trills and changing notes to fit her character and voice beautifully.

Our Players are wonderful! They knew there marks and steps, smiled and had fun with it. All in all, it was a great rehearsal… we have a long way to go, but it was a fabulous first try! We have all week to finish, polish and move on.

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