Meeting of the Minds

We have had three days of school since winter break and everything is falling back into place.  And by place, I mean off the rocker.  My acting One students are filming their final acting project.  It’s a fun way for them to wrap up the semester, using costumes, sets, and props to create a play of their own making.  Once the play is written, they turn it into a screenplay and film it, trying to keep their acting consistent with each shot and using the props to enhance the movie.

So while most teachers are using the last two weeks of the semester to finish up the final Unit before midterms, but students are running around in short shorts, boy scout shirts and British Bobby hats filming an “epic” short film about Cops.  For third hour I had to call the office and say “I’m sending out a group of boys to be hit by a car.”  Our secretary just laughed, she had been getting these calls all week from me describing the odd things one might see outside, just so our hall supervisors and police won’t stop them.

The things that come out of these students’ imaginations are quite amusing and always surprises me.  I have many variations of horror shorts being filmed in the recesses of the Orchestra Pit and one interesting dream that might make sense once I actually watch it. 

The theme for these scripts and projects was FREEDOM, I challenged the Acting One classes to create a film with that overarching theme in a subtle way.   Some plots are: a bucket list, high school cliques, breaking the trend, freedom of religion, fighting stereotypes and more.  It’s amazing what they come up with; they write what they know and what they feel.  So it’s interesting some of the topics they choose.

We shall see what the final projects look like.

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