First Pippin Rehearsal

Yesterday after school, the cast of this years musical “Pippin” started working.  It was all “Magic to do” as the cast sang and danced their way through the first song.

Ms. Winnie worked with them on their first song, before we all went to the auditorium.  There they created who they were going to be in the musical.  With everyone being “A Player,” there is so much freedom as to what personality one could be.  Will Dowsett decided to basically be a hipster, while Bethany Zamora created a wonderful Fastrada character.

Finally the dancing began, the frustration started and everyone thinks Ms. Figg-Franzoi is crazy.  This show has a beautiful and massive set, which our stage crew has been working on for a month now.  The actors will do it justice.

This should be an interesting rehearsal run.

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