Three days to go

It’s a scary thought… 3 days, 3 more rehearsals, 14 hours of rehearsal time until “Pippin” opens.  We had our first day of tech on Friday, which went swimmingly.  Everything is falling into place.  The costumes look fabulous, the pit orchestra is getting the music, our actors and putting everything together and stage crew is working hard.

I didn’t get to sit much at Fridays rehearsal, I was too busy pretending to be Meri Bobber, who was at a college audition (lets just say, I’m glad she will be back today).  But when I was able to sit down and watch (one thing I realize Meri does little of) I was so proud.  These teenagers have created something so beautiful. 

Ms. Winnie said it on Friday, this group of kids has allowed us to create an incredible musical, a musical which was on Ms. Winnie’s Bucketlist.  I’m also glad to have checked it off mine.

So what if you don’t like the storyline or don’t know the show, come just to experience the energy on stage and the magic that happens within.  With the first song you are sucked into the show, and living the life Pippin leads.

Join is, leave your field to flower. Join us, leave your cheese to sour.  Join us, come and waste an hour or two.

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