Treasure Island!

“The spring Play, Treasure Island might be the most exciting play we have done this year,” says theatre teacher, Amelia Figg-Franzoi.  “During the musical, all I heard was ‘Pippin is cool, but pirates are going to be so exciting’.”  This show itself is a challenge, sailing, swords, fighting, and being able to speak like a pirate.

Traditionally, Treasure Island is a play with mostly men, but Amelia Figg-Franzoi would have none of that.  The book by Robert Louis Stevenson has been public domaine for some years now, so Ms, Figg-Franzoi decided it was time to write a play.  So far the cast loves it, 13 young men and women, freshmen to seniors, can’t wait to come to rehearsal each day to become a pirate.  They work on the many accents (British, Caribbean, Southern, Chinese and more) that are needed to bring the play to life, as well as bonding over trips to the beach, Discovery World and running through the cross-country woods to get a feel what life on a ship and island would be like.

Since the play is all about the swashbuckling life of the golden age of Pirates, a fight choreographer was hired to safely teach the sword and gun fights for the show.  Christopher Elst is a highly trained stage combat instructor, specialized in guns, all sword fighting styles and some martial arts.  With the help from him, the cast is shaping up into a good band of pirates.

Treasure Island  is the Theatre Department’s last show of the year.  Come see the hard work everyone is putting into the show, building the sets and costumes, practicing the fights and more.  Avast maties!  Land ho!

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