Registration Day

Currently, I’m surrounded by 8 drama club students ranging from Sophmores to Seniors with one girl from USM who has crashed the party.  The topics range from what Midsummer is about, funny dances and First Stage theatre camp, Joe and his hair…the list goes on and on.  But there hasn’t been a lull since 8am this morning.

Dan is doling out audition packets while Ali types in contacts for the email list.  No one really knows what Marty is doing, but no one cares because he is actually going to audition for the fall play, for the first time ever.  We also gaze at all of Marty’s school ids, he has worn the same orange shirt every year, finally the four years shall be complete.

As we continue to pass out audition information and eat Twizzlers, the crowds dwindle for dinner.  We lost Ali an hour ago for a meeting and now I’m missing her presence…too many boy jokes.

It’s odd not seeing the graduated seniors here, but I’m excited for the new freshmen and everyone else returning.  This first show is going to be amazing, in the next week the students will create the world of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, finding out when to set the play, what to do with it and how to play the characters.  It will truly be a collaborated piece, where the students create their play.

The sun sets and we all don the drama club sweat shirts, a sea of blue in the otherwise red and white cafeteria.  It was an interesting day, tomorrow shall begin the wonder of the 2012-2013 theatre season.

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