Midsummer Set Ideas

So, last year Wayne and decided that for our first show we would build stock platforms for the set.  We don’t normally have these platforms laying around when we need them, so why not build them?  4×8, 4×6 and 4×4 platforms will be made for the Midsummer set.  This doesn’t limit us in any way possible in our ideas and worlds.  Last year one of our old theatre teachers suggested setting the world of Midsummer in a junkyard and with this workshop, more and more students have come up with that idea, that it has stuck.  I had a meeting with Wayne (our Technical Director) about the set and we agreed on that idea, looking for old washing machines, used metal objects, and general found objects to enhance the platforms of the set.  I wanted a swing, so that will also happen.  But this seems to be a cery fun idea, we can do anything with the worlds within the play, but “forest of Athens” will now be the Junkyard of Athens…  It should be quite fun!

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