Saturday Musings

I came to the realization today that Homestead High School is a great school.  You are probably asking, “Why did an HHS teacher just realize this?”  I’ve always known it, but I know we do need help and improvement.  But today had nothing to do with the HHS teacher side of me, but rather the student side.  If you don’t already know I went through the district, ending my term at HHS like all of you.

Remembering how great the school is comes in waves, I forget what my student me went through.  But today I remembered all the amazing and unique classes I took.  I was the child who did all my core classes in my first three years and then dabbled in other classes on the side. My mother forced me to take math all four years… sigh.

Thriving in the artist classes, but also the P.E. classes, I found myself, who I was and who I wanted to be.  P.E. wasn’t just running and playing sports like it had been all my life, but for four years I took Outdoor Adventure, Extreme Sports, Wellness and Adaptive P.E.  All four classes helped me be a better human and adapt skills such as yoga, mountain biking, curling, working with special Edu friends and more.  I finally liked gym class.

Then we have all the arts classes, I was a choir geek all four years and pretended to play the viola for one year, Mr. E still calls me the viola quitter to this day.  I just liked being involved in a huge orchestra feeling the sounds around me and being the music.  Theatre was also apart of my life, taking seminar and One Act for three years, but these are all things you know.

At Homestead, I took a couple odd classes that have furthered my education more then I knew it would at the time.  My senior year I decided to have fun and try photography and TV and Video production.  The first week of both, I hated them, but by the second week, I had fallen in love.  To this day, I still have the old 1970’s Pentex camera I used in photography class and I use all the skills I learned in both classes in my everyday life.  They are strange skills, being able to develop film and such, but both are fun ones to have.

Homestead High School allows any student to find their place, in Autos class, business, art, foods, choir and more.  There is something for anyone.  So… to those people only taking core classes and not branching out, I challenge you find some class at this fabulous school and find your niche.  Create something.

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