Do I have to wear a shirt?

How many questions do you think a teacher answers in a day?

How many decisions do teachers make in a day?

One student this week commented on all the questions I answered, right in row, not relating to each other at all, but all questions that needed a decision to be made: where should the desk go?  Does this costume work? What should we do about the lights? Where is Wayne?

As a teacher I answer a ton of questions each day and at every minute am making a new a different decision regarding teaching, students, lessons and more.  But then we add on to that what I teach…theatre. Now the questions and decisions get weird.  I mean, the things that go on in the auditorium…strange.  And you know it’s going to be a different experience when you have to remind your students to shower, wear deodorant a shirt and underwear….yes…all things I have to say weekly.

Today, a parent commented, “You are going to be the most calm parent one day.” We had lost the dramagrams and candygrams and were looking for them.  Normally one would start freaking out after the third place they looked turn out nothing, but I just calming moved to another place and checked there.  With the chaos that happens around me daily, it’s hard to sweat the little things.  I had just come from the girls dressing room where I was doing hair and fixing costumes, to then hand out cash boxes to the parents and show the student ushers where to go.  We did find the dramagrams and all was well, nothing to worry about.

Disaster struck tonight at intermission when our Oberon twisted/sprained…did something to his right ankle.  He is walking off stage one second and on the floor the next.  For some strange reason, myself, Wayne and David where all in that wing space at the moment to help, we sit him down and I calmly run to the freezer in the lobby, walking when in public.  I grabbed ice packs while Wayne gets meds and stage crew members found medical wrap.  The cast and crew became a well-oiled machine, finding crutches in the prop room, a giant black umbrella Oberon could use as a cane for the second act and even discussing how they were going to change the blocking to help the actor.

I see this strength in theatre all the time, normally we don’t have to deal with injuries such as this, but we have dealt with sickness as well as missing actors.  Tonight was another one of those times.  And coming back to my main point, even while all this was going on and I’m wrapping my actors ankle another student comes up and asks, “Has Joe killed himself yet?”  I look up and on stage and shake my head saying, “No, he’s just about to.”  Who has to answer those questions in real life?

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