Scottish Accent Work

IMG_304745 high school students sit in a circle speaking in unison, “The dairty pairple kairtains.”  They are learning a Scottish Accent for the musical Brigadoon, so “the dirty purple curtians” becomes a garbled mess of glottal stops and rolled R’s.

It’s fun to listen to them learn a new way to form their words.  Jill from the Repertory Theatre in Milwaukee has come to help us today.  Baring worksheets and CD’s she came to teach a rowdy group of high school actors how to sing and speak in the Scottish dialect.


Everyone is practicing and the spitting had started.  R’s become D’s for some people and by become bai.  It’s such a strange and wonderful thing to listen to people learning the Scottish accent… well and odd.

The long day allows us to have fun in the end.

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