Oh the Whimsy of it!

Written By: Sydneye Olkowski (2014)

IMG_5714It has been a whimsical, exciting journey from the first read-through of Homestead High School Drama Club’s winter musical, “Brigadoon“, all the way back in December of 2012 to the first pit and cast rehearsal this past Sunday. With many new, especially underclassmen, to the musical stage, it has been exciting to see how they slowly become part of the Drama Club family. I will admit there was times when it seemed doubtful that the cast would focus enough to learn the steps, lines, and music but like as always the incredibly dedicated actors pulled through. As a more external observer, I have witnessed the actors also help each other grow whether it is helping teach a dance move or leading warmups before rehearsal, each actor in his or her own way has developed the skill to make HHS’s Brigadoon fantastic. With two weddings, a funeral, and a ballet, Brigadoon has evolved into the magical 200 year old Scottish town it was meant to be just with the creative touch of Ms. Amelia Figg-Franzoi-director and choreographer to Brigadoon. Along with Figg’s originality, choral music director, Ms. Rebecca Renee Winnie, and technical director, Wayne Peters has prepped Brigadoon for its opening night which is only seven rehearsals away. Therefore, I canna say much more except come experience the glorious Scotland hills of Brigadoon on February 14th through the 17th.

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