How to Become an Elizabethan!

imagesBy: Robert Barton

“my spirit lifts me high above the ground.

I have an answer ready for any man.

I have the wit to jest even with the saints.

I am as true as flesh and blood may be.

I was not born to sue, but to command.

The heavens dlazed with light upon my birth.

I am part of a glorious cosmis order.

I stand assured and firm upon the earth,

And am called up by an unfolding star.

I walk one tiny step below the angels.

I move with confidence towards godliness.

I am the bridge between all matter and spirit.

I am a courtier, adventurer, poet, swordsman,

A wit, philosopher, musician, and gentleman (or lady)

I sing and dance to the music of the spheres.

I know that music both heals and transforms.

I hunger for my life and will devour it.

Upon this garden earth, I plant my seeds.

My thought are great, and so will be my deeds!”

“Say these words aloud daily, and someday, perchance, thou wilt be worthy to be called Elizabethan.”

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