Meet the Artist: Marty Bergquist

545066_456584674362599_1236940272_nThis kid!  What a growth!  As a Freshmen Marty took Acting 1 and 2, impressing us all to advance him to Theatre Production Seminar his Sophomore year.  For Seminar that year he was the lead in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  Junior and Senior year just lead to more growth and him becoming Co-President of Drama Club.  It has been so fun watching Marty change these four years and seeing him find himself. EX: Buying his own clothes.  Although he is too smart to pursue a career in theatre, I hope he remembers his time here and becomes a great person because of it.

1. What inspired your journey into the Arts?

After taking Acting I & II at Homestead High School, I started to involve myself more theatre.

581614_4588434796450_609581597_n2. Who is your Character and how have you created that personality? What has been the biggest challenge you have come across in your character so far?

I portray a struggling comedian. I have tried to capture a sense of movement which embodied that character and build from there.

3. What are your funniest and worst experiences performing in front of an audience?

Experiences like missing props and working with fire have shown me the flexible nature that the theatre must have to stay free and artistic.

941147_542811082423721_2017077557_n4. What do you want to do After High School? Do you have any dreams or hopes for the Future? Do you know where you are going to school?

I plan on attending Purdue University next year to study Engineering. I still hope to stay involved in the arts during college and on into the rest of my life.

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