Don’t Jinx it!

So, today was my first day at school with all the other teachers and all I could think about was the theatre season and year! If what we have accomplished this summer carries into the year then this year is going to be crazy!  Have you seen the line up of events for Drama Club?

It started in July with our three dedicated Drama Club Executive Board members sitting down for a two hour meeting at Starbucks.  The subjects ranged from Brat fry’s to field trips to what color Clare should dye her hair.  We planned our fall events, we laughed, Dan cried, it was fun.  I left the meeting thinking what I do after every summer E-Board meeting, “That was great, I wonder how much of what they said they will do.”

Drama Club 2012-2013A day later, Alex had a date and place for the Brat Fry (Piggly Wiggly), Dan had ticket prices for the REPs Ragtime, and Clare went to camp (yeah we lost her for a good month).  We didn’t meet again until HHS registration where we spoke again about ideas and handed out a calender of events (THIS WAS HAPPENING).  At the D-Club table that day, a bunch of us also spoke about The Hobbit.  I’m pretty sure Alexis and Maggie filmed me freaking out about rehearsal days:

26 rehearsal days

12 Crew Build days

36 hours total to build the set… yeah

But as of August 15, I didn’t even have a set.  Max Ginkel drew a joke set and the rest of us spoke about ideas.  It was a good creative session.

Forest Side-HobbitThe day of the Workshops came around and Clare came early every day to work on Drama Club things and wear my salwar kameez’s… oh and harass Pat with questions.  During the actual workshops, Sydneye and Molly made lists of props, researched costumes and planned.  Then Maddie came in with ideas for the set!  Alex drew a set design with amazing ideas, Maddy drew a plan and from there I finally had a set!!!

This Monday I had my final meeting with Sydneye and Maddie in regards to the set, after which I went to the Black Box drew up the plans and sat Wayne, Randy and Becca down at 5pm that day.  Becca will be our new Stage Crew assistant, she is so nice and a girl so she’s on my side.  Wayne and Randy laughed for a good 5 minutes, but then proceeded to tell me that the set will work.  They are torturing Becca with heading up the Dragon project, but we are all set for school to start!

Outside Hobbit Hole-HobbitSo, I hope I don’t jinx everything now that I have gushed about how excited and proud I am of everyone.  The best part about it, is that I never had to ask, they all wanted to help and put their creative minds to work… except Grace Bobber who not only can’t buy food correctly, but also just points and laughs when I have no ideas, not helpful at all… (yeah, I went there).

Anyway, all I have to say is that I’m supper excited for this year and hopefully we will experience the best Drama Club to date at HHS!!!

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