Ode to the Costume Room

*Warning: the content of this piece may be too fantastically brilliant for readers to comprehend*

For lack of a better title….

Ode to the Costume Room

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 10.15.45 PMBefore me are thousands of people just waiting to be born and discovered. However, they have to be created by someone willing to become a completely different person, whether that be a pirate or a princess. Bows, feathers, bobby pins, hairspray, sequins and brushes all lend a helping hand in the birth of these characters. Mirrors and dazzling lights illuminate the space to show the startling transformation that occurs within these four walls. Every step of the process is displayed, yet it is an intensely personal experience as you slip off your shoes and take a journey in someone else’s. Reminders of people who have left us are everywhere. Torn dresses, dirtied corsets, and missing bobby pins, yet it is not sad to look upon what they have left behind, because you know that from their end comes a new beginning. Dresses can be mended, corsets can be washed and new bobby pins can be bought, but the memories are immortal. The possibilities of new characters are endless and in the corner sit two sewing machines, waiting to give birth yet again.

Written By: Alex Gieske

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