3 Lessons From The Hobbit

1. Find a near impossible goal

There are several things in this life that are impossible like building a time machine which also allows you to move through space, or splicing DNA and adding it to your own in order to create some strange human-animal hybrid. The goals that we have in life that we call dreams are ideas that we have in our minds to do, but we convince ourselves that they can never come to fruition. I believe that there are dreams that can still be lofty and yet attainable if we strive toward them with perseverance. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I know for a fact that there are things that seem to grand to ever achieve but when Jesus is the architect of our goals He provides opportunities for us to achieve those lofty goals. I have a particular goal to plant Freedom Hope Church in Chicago,IL and I’ve only been there once. This church will preach and live the Gospel while influencing the world in many different ways. If I were to explain to you the goals and visions that I have for myself you would think me mad!

2. Recruit people to join you

THis is where things get interesting. Gandalf had the assistance of 13 dwarves and a hobbit. Who might you have? I know a certain lady who loves going on adventures and she always has people along with her on the journeys. I have learned that life is better when we are connected with others whom we love. I have the honor and pleasure of planting a church with people who have different backgrounds, ethnicity, status but have a singular mission-to plant a church that honors and promotes Jesus Christ. I believe Shakespeare said it best, “The friends thou hast and their adoption tried, grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel.” Allow me to make it plain: those people who pass the trails that we have in order to call a person a friend we are to adopt them as family and never let them go.

3. Never give up until the journey is complete

This task must be something that is challenging like learning a new language, losing weight, learning a new sport, trying something new or starting a small business, etc. You must not give up until the task is complete! If you should fail then do not let that stop you. Persevere! I have learned that in ministry that we must go on until it is complete because when we do, the reward will be worth it. I challenge you to never give up and always strive toward the goal with people who don’t look like you or act like you rather they believe like you and want to see you become better for accomplishing the goal/dream.20130705-150241.jpg

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