Costume Girls: The Hobbit

IMG_3362Once upon a time, the costume girls built an entire show, this was the musical last year….oh wait… It’s happened again!  The Hobbit this fall was supposed to be an easy show to costume, but then I handed the girls some fabric and patterns and said….”go build.”  I’m pretty sure Emily and Becca glared at me, but they all rose to the challenge once again.

For the past month, the dressing rooms have been filled with fabric, trim and sewing machines.  The hustle and bustle of the rooms has been vibrant, girls laughing, groaning and the actors getting excited.  When you walk into the girls’ dressing room, you don’t see the IMG_3342normal sight of hair accessories and costumes hanging up.  Instead it’s bolts of fabric, ribbon, burlap and pleather littering the floor as the costume crew cuts out patterns  labor away at the sewing machines.  It’s a mess, but a happy mess, a productive mess, one that speaks of dedication and joy.  The girls have stayed late every day and come in weekends to work.

For a second time in a year our costume crew built the whole show.  This means, they made most of the costumes that you see on stage.


These costumes are amazing, and show the flair of the talented ladies who live in the dressing rooms each day for rehearsal.

If you see any of these ladies thank them, complement them, make sure they know how much they do for the shows!

Costume Girls:

Becca Laabs
Emily Eckhardt
Brianna Shutic
IMG_3388Maddy Day
Maddie Frank
Hannah O’Leary
Jenna Buraczewski
Alexis Shutic
Cassidy Buffoni
Sara Imbrie
Alo Delgado
Kaylyn Goddard
Claire Davidson
Zahara Spilka
Cally Kashou
Lily Higgins
Becca Yenter


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