Casting …


We know auditions are usually an actor’s least favorite activity (Second only to Tech rehearsals that run past midnight). There’s so much pressure; so much anticipation. Fear. Confidence. Doubt! Excitement! Terror!! Ego!!!

And that’s just your first 10 seconds in the ensemble room…

We want you to enjoy the audition process as much as is humanly possible, so here we’ve come up with a list of things you should know about Musical auditions:

1. We are natural optimists, so we like you the second you walk in the door. Truth: no matter how distracted we, as teachers/directors, may appear, we are always hoping you’re exactly what we’re looking for;

2. Auditions are more fun and a lot more successful when you come prepared. Really prepared. We strongly encourage you to learn the songs and dances before the day of auditions.  Come memorized if possible.

3. If we believe you’re right for the role, you will be cast in the role. Doesn’t matter if we’ve known you for years, or it’s your first  audition with us, or you had the lead in our last show, or you know how to design a set. Myself and Ms. Winnie cast the actor whom we believe will rock the role.

4. The fact you may not get a role / the role / any role – none of these has any effect on whether you’ll be cast next time you audition. For the reason why, just see No. 3;

5. The more you audition, the easier it gets. Practice may make perfect… also makes less anxious;

6.  We don’t take casting lightly. Casting is one of the most mentally and emotionally demanding duties we have, and we want you to know we spend a lot of time – a LOT of time – making those final casting decisions. For us, going from auditions to final cast list is a little like attending a birthday and a funeral on the same day.  We feel the same emotions you do and feel for you as well.

7. It’s okay to ask. In the end, we are very clear about why we think a certain person is either right for a role or is not a good fit for a particular production, and it may help you, as an actor, to know why we made a certain choice, so feel free to ask.

8. If we’re holding auditions, we haven’t pre-cast any roles  Every year we know the pool we might be working with and choose shows that way, but the actual casting of the show is always a delightful surprise and we always have fun watching new talent show up and see how much everyone has grown.

We  made a commitment to provide a safe, creatively collaborative environment in which actors are free to stretch and grow and serve the story best. So…

See you at the next audition.

Ms. Figg-FranzoiTheatre Teacher/Director

Ms. Winnie
Choir Teacher/ Music Director

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