What’s in a name?

This weekend the Homestead High School One Act Class went to the one Act State Competition.

All my kids this year.
All my kids this year.

No, I’m not going to talk to you about all of the things we did and saw… or… anything related to this class really. I would just like to comment on the fact that this weekend once again proved that I am a child but also a mother.  It all started last year at state when Clare and Ali started calling me mom and Matt dad.  This has stuck. Now I am referred to as many things, from teacher to Gammy with these kids: Best friend, mom, Mentor, grandmother….yes.  That’s the thing with this weekend that was amusing for me, the fact that by the end of the weekend I’m pretty sure everyone was calling me mom.  Matt was not able to join us this year, so they were all sad that dad was not there with them. Never you fear though for weird uncle Wayne was there to save the day. Yes kids are weird.  But this also endears them to me more. After we performed today the judge that came and spoke to us gave us lots of wonderful notes and pretty embellishments for us. When she gave out the last award she said “none of this would be possible without the mom of the group.” The whole room went wild, for she used the term that everyone had already endeared to me. I will gladly be everyone’s second mother.

Clare (one of the first to call me mom) and Grace incubating our lift with weekend.  I'll tell you to story later
Clare (one of the first to call me mom) and Grace incubating our lift this weekend. I’ll tell you the story later

And the looks I get when someone calls me mom always makes my day. Especially since the lady in the lunch line today thought that I was a high school student. I was ordering pizza at around 9 this morning, for breakfast…naturally. She told me that I am very prepared for college. First thing, I don’t remember eating a lot of pizza for breakfast. Second thing really honestly still look like a high school student?

Anyway. I’m writing this post at only 8:30 on a Sunday night. But it feels like three in the morning for my body. It was a wonderful weekend with some wonderful people, and I’m sure I will tell you all about the real weekend another day. Today you’re just going to have to read my musings about being a mother and also at the same time a teenager?

Theatre, am I right?

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